ENSEMBLE EDGE & The Jan Johansson Tribute:

Classical choir music meets jazz: In the spring of 2018 and in conjunction with the Aarhus Jazz Festivals 30th anniversary, ENSEMBLE EDGE conducted this collaborative project that aims to build a bridge between jazz and classical music, while serving as a heartfelt tribute to the Swedish jazz pianist Jan Johansson, who died in a traffic accident November 9 1968.

This tribute concert is composed of three musical approaches to Jan Johansson’s universe: classical choir arrangements, by composers such as Hugo Alfvén and Anders Öhrwall, new compositions for choir and jazz trio by double bass player Matthias Flemming Petri, as well as new transcriptions of Jan Johansson’s own compositions and live improvisations arranged and transcribed exclusively for choir by Martha Marie Petri and Lauren Biglow.

With an immense respect for Johansson’s aesthetics, the Petri siblings and Lauren Biglow succeeded in extending Jan Johansson’s arrangements with elements from ENSEMBLE EDGE’s ongoing work with new classical music and the Matthias Flemming Petri. The final result is a new concert form, which is not just an echo of Johansson’s own work, but stands as a tribute to Johansson’s musical heritage that is deeply rooted in the Scandinavian mind.

Jan Johansson’s fusion of jazz, electronic and folk music is a rhythmic parallel to ENSEMBLE EDGE’s wish to combine different art forms – music and improvisation, voice and instruments, visual and auditive expressions.


April 7 2018 // Symfonisk Sal, Musikhuset Aarhus: ENSEMBLE EDGE & The Jan Johansson Tribute.

July 18 2018 // ATLAS, Aarhus Jazzfestival 30th anniversary edition: ENSEMBLE EDGE & The Jan Johansson Tribute.

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