the little matchgirl passion

ENSEMBLE EDGE & the little matchgirl passion is a unique concert experience for kids, youngsters and adults, where music, litterature and high quality animated film merge together live.

Music: the little matchgirl passion by David Lang

Animations: Mette Skov

The animations are adapted to the music live by our video technician Klavs Kehlet from Kehlet Video.

Recommendation of this project by the award winning american composer:
David Lang // October 2019

“I am very happy that ENSEMBLE EDGE has made a ‘visual concert’ of my piece ‘the little match girl passion.’  I am particularly happy that this production is made entirely with young singers.  My piece, and the Hans Christian Andersen story upon which it is based, is about the suffering of a young girl whose poverty and hunger is ignored by her fellow citizens, who are wealthier and better fed than she is.  This, of course, happens in our real world, every day.  It is very moving to have this young girl’s story told by young singers. 
I recommend this project very highly.” 


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